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 $100/yr paid annually on date of joining


 Traditional Budget


 $60/yr, paid every two years at license renewal time. Pro-rated (call for your current rate).




You can truly be an independent contractor with Independent Referral Consultants (IRC).

You can send your referrals to the agency and agent of your choice. And your clients will appreciate that you're an impartial real estate consultant who wants to find the best possible agent — no matter which company that agent represents.


The 80% plan offers you greater independence in negotiating the referral fee percentage with the agent (and company) of your choice. But read carefully the IRC Policies and Procedures for your plan in order to increase your expertise in the national referral protocols recognized by all companies.


Please remember, the IRC staff is here to help you maximize your referral commissions. Call us for guidance if an agent attempts to negotiate a fee less than 25% of her company's total commission on the action side referred.


You can also choose to let IRC do the referral negotiating for you. Our Referral Director has been negotiating referral fees full time since 1987 and is well-versed in national referral protocols. So you control who services your client while IRC negotiates a standard referral fee (which is paid off the top of the outside broker's commission). You don't have to accept a small portion of this commission — but that's all the agent may offer if they suspect you're not knowledgable about the protocols.


Be sure to call for our assistance when referring out of state.


Calculate the total due for your IRC Plan + Real Estate Commission fees on our License Info page. Then continue to Forms and download the necessary forms to complete your application.


Need more info? Call IRC at 1-800-472-4620 or submit the form below with your questions.


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